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As parents, we know how important school performance is to our children's future. But, middle school kids can have their own agenda - they may be preoccupied with social life, sports, video games almost anything except school. So, how can you make sure that your child is really getting what he or she needs to be a successful student?

Fundamentals Are the Key

The key to success is having good fundamentals. That's true whether you're playing a sport, learning a musical instrument, or doing schoolwork. In learning, the fundamentals include:

  • Getting motivated
  • Getting organized
  • Listening and taking good notes
  • Reading for information
  • Preparing for and taking tests

SuperGrades is a computer-based learning program that will give your child solid fundamental study skills that will improve his schoolwork now. And, give him or her learning skills that will last a lifetime.

These fundamentals will help your child to do well in all subjects. Research shows that students who have good study skills perform better than students who don’t.

SuperGrades teaches these fundamental study skills in a fun and entertaining computer program that your child can use at home. It was developed by a team of learning professionals and is based on years of research in the field of learning.

For a fraction of the cost of tutoring centers, your child can develop solid learning skills in a matter of a few weeks. Guaranteed!

Here’s our offer: Try SuperGrades at home for 30 days for our Back-to-School price of just $
. If you don’t see improvement in your child’s attitude toward school and their performance in school, we’ll refund your money.

Get Your Child on the Road to Success, Today!

Works on PC or MAC.


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"I was having trouble with English but now I'm doing much better. This program really helped me a lot, especially the section on writing essays.

I never liked to read very much (I just hated it); now I’m getting to like it and find it interesting."
 — Kirsten, 8th Grader
"The homework in 7th grade is a lot more and more challenging - balancing all that is trickier than last year -- more projects and double the homework. You really have to balance your time. Erica uses the bulletin board and calendar to plan out her projects, which has really made a big difference.

I've already told a couple of teacher friends about it."
 — Melanie, Parent of 7th Grader
"Once Janice got started on the SuperGrades program, she really got hooked on it. She went right through the program on her own."
 — Parent of 6th Grade Student
"A big difference that I attribute to Super Grades is that my daughter can now talk to the teachers if she has a question or needs help. She was always afraid to talk to them before, but not anymore."
 — Sue, Parent of 8th Grader

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