SuperGrades!™ 6-Module Interactive Program

Building Skills Will Improve Your Child's Performance

SuperGrades has helped children of all learning levels to improve their performance in school and make the transition from elementary to middle and high school more easily.

Whether your child is struggling to keep up, has difficulty organizing material and retaining information, or simply wants to improve his or her academic skills, then SuperGrades will do that and more. In fact you will see a more positive attitude and better grades in as little as a few weeks — guaranteed!

The SuperGrades 6-Module Learning Program will teach your child the fundamental skills that are not taught in classrooms. Each Learning Module is designed to take your child through a step-by-step skill building process and give them assignments to practice their newly acquired skills. SuperGrades is fun and will encourage and motivate your child to achieve!

The SuperGrades Program:

The 6-Module Learning Program includes a Downloadable Learning Program (PC and Mac compatible), a Student Workbook, and a Parents' Guide with useful information on how parents can support their child's progress.

Module 1: The Basics

Introduces the program and presents the basic elements for success in school.

Topics include:
  • What to expect from the program
  • How to use program
  • Organizing papers and essays
  • Keeping track of assignments
  • Managing your time
  • Getting messages and materials between home and school
  • Avoiding procrastination

Module 2: Classroom Performance

Provides insight into maximizing the classroom experience.

Topics include:
  • Getting prepared for class
  • Active listening
  • Deciding what's most important
  • How to take good notes
  • Asking the right questions
  • Tools and assignments

Module 3: Reading Comprehension

Demonstrates techniques to enable students to read independently and gather information.

Topics include:
  • Deciding your purpose for reading something
  • Getting to know your textbooks
  • Scanning the material to get the big picture
  • Making reading more interesting by creating questions to be answered
  • Reading novels and stories
  • SQRW method — Survey, Question, Read and Write

Module 4: Accomplishing Tasks

Tackles book reports, science projects, art projects, etc. and how to avoid procrastination or just feeling overwhelmed by the size of the project.

Topics include:
  • Make a plan for doing a project or report on time
  • Break down a large project into smaller ones
  • Create an outline for a report
  • Write a report
  • Strive for excellence in their work

Module 5: Solving Math

Takes a positive and basic approach to learning math when it becomes more abstract and helps reduce their frustration, anxiety and fears of the subject.

Topics include:
  • Explaining the basic process for learning math
  • Learning the multiplication tables
  • Solving word problems
  • Knowing the order of operations
  • Knowing where to go for help

Module 6: Taking Tests

Offers strategies on how to prepare for and take exams. Middle school is often the first time that students really have to do work on their own to prepare for exams.

Topics include:
  • Developing a test strategy
  • Writing good practice questions
  • Rehearsing your test performance
  • Test-taking tips
  • How to lower test anxiety

Give Your Child the Gift of Learning

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30-Day Money Back Guarantee
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PC and Mac Compatible


"I was struggling with English and I am doing much better in essay writing now. The tools have helped me a lot, especially the chart and web making tools and transition words. I am always using them in my essay writing now.

I never liked to read very much (I just hated it); now I'm getting to like it and find it more fun and interesting."
 — Kirsten, 8th Grade Student
"The homework in 7th grade is a lot more and more challenging - balancing all that is trickier than last year — more projects and double the homework. You really have to balance your time. Erica uses the bulletin board and calendar to plan out her projects, which has really made a big difference.

I already told a couple of teacher friends about it."
 — Melanie, Parent of 7th Grade Student
"I had a book report assigned at the same time I was doing SuperGrades. The story chart helped me organize all the facts. I also used the sticky notes and put them on the pages that I thought were interesting or would be good for my book report."
 — Jake, 7th Grader

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